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Unlocking Success: How Patterson Law Group Skyrocketed Website Traffic with Bizz Buzz Marketing

Company Spotlight: Patterson Law

Key Highlights

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Patterson Law Group is a dynamic personal injury law firm with three strategically located offices. Their mission is clear: to provide access to justice for individuals in need while maintaining a lean and efficient operation.

The Challenge

Before partnering with Bizz Buzz Marketing, Patterson Law Group faced a significant challenge: obtaining and managing online reviews efficiently. Recognizing the pivotal role of online reviews in attracting clients, they initially attempted to collect reviews manually via email requests. However, this proved to be a labor-intensive and ultimately ineffective process, resulting in low conversion rates.

The Marketing Solution

Patterson Law Group turned to Bizz Buzz Marketing, seeking a streamlined solution for gathering reviews and enhancing their online presence. With Bizz Buzz Marketing's expertise, they set in motion a powerful strategy to bolster their reputation.

Sending Review Requests

Bizz Buzz Marketing simplified the process of soliciting reviews. Within approximately one hour of a client's final meeting with one of the firm's attorneys, Patterson Law Group sends out a well-timed review request. This approach maximizes the likelihood of clients sharing their positive experiences online.

W. Travis Patterson, Attorney at Law, describes the benefits: "You spend your time turning clients into evangelists, and then Bizz Buzz Marketing gives them a platform to evangelize to the masses. It's a perfect system. Everybody wins."

Ranking at the Top of Search

Online reviews significantly influence local businesses' search rankings. By actively managing reviews, Patterson Law Group gains a competitive edge, positioning them above rivals in search engine results. Thanks to Bizz Buzz Marketing's review management, the firm can focus less on time-consuming techniques like securing backlinks from third-party sites.

More Web Traffic

Patterson Law Group's collaboration with Bizz Buzz Marketing extends beyond amassing reviews. The firm is now experiencing a surge in website traffic, with a substantial portion directed through their Bizz Buzz Marketing profile. This custom profile showcases reviews from various online sources, attracting potential clients and reinforcing the firm's reputation.

Monitoring Customer Reviews

The Bizz Buzz Marketing dashboard simplifies the review-monitoring process. It consolidates customer reviews from over 150 review sites, allowing Patterson Law Group to view and respond promptly. This real-time engagement demonstrates the firm's commitment to client satisfaction.

Promoting Customer Reviews

Our advanced business software solutions empower Patterson Law Group to amplify client reviews on social media platforms and their website. A dynamic widget displays these glowing testimonials in a live feed, instantly revealing what real clients think of the firm.

Bizz Buzz Marketing: Elevating Businesses

Patterson Law Group has achieved remarkable results. By leveraging the power of reviews, the firm has attracted new clients, secured higher search rankings, and witnessed a surge in web traffic. With Bizz Buzz Marketing's support, Patterson Law Group can focus on delivering exceptional legal services while continuously enhancing their online reputation.

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