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Blaze Pizza's Recipe for Success: Transforming Customer Experience to Drive Sales

Company Spotlight: Blaze Pizza

  • Name: Blaze Pizza LLC
  • Locations: 116
  • Founded: 2011
  • Birdeye Customer Since: September 2015
  • Products Used: Insights, Benchmarking

Blaze Pizza, a fast-casual dining restaurant chain, prides itself on delivering exceptional quality at lightning-fast speeds. With a growing network of 116 locations and a commitment to providing outstanding customer experiences, Blaze Pizza needed to ensure consistency in service across all outlets. Simultaneously, they sought to leverage customer feedback to attract new patrons and boost their revenue.


  1. Increase revenue for all 116 locations.
  2. Identify key performance categories to measure consistently across locations.
  3. Capture and measure online feedback to efficiently manage customer issues.
  4. Maintain their rapid expansion rate with high rankings both nationwide and locally.


By implementing Insights Software Blaze Pizza achieved remarkable results within just 12 months:

  • Maintained a consistent 4.3 overall ranking despite doubling their number of locations and receiving 175% more reviews.
  • Increased same-store sales thanks to higher ratings.
  • Gathered over 11,000 reviews from 19 different review sites.
  • Stayed in-tune with daily customer feedback at both national and franchise levels.
  • Expanded faster than any other fast-casual pizza chains in the market.

Challenges Faced

Blaze Pizza was opening a new restaurant every five days, making it challenging to accurately measure and address the growing volume of online customer feedback across various platforms. They needed to understand consumer sentiment in real-time to maintain high ratings on third-party sites and ensure consistent, outstanding customer experiences at every location.

The Solution: Real-time Feedback Management

Blaze Pizza adopted our advanced business software platform, enabling them to effectively monitor performance by category and track specific success metrics. They used keywords to pinpoint customer concerns, allowing them to respond to feedback efficiently. Daily reports were sent to corporate and management, converting unstructured data into actionable Net Promoter Scores.

Stable Growth and Customer Happiness

Currently, Blaze Pizza holds an average rating of 4.3 stars across their 116 locations, based on 17,359 reviews from 19 different review sites. Despite being a relatively young company, they boast substantially more reviews than competitors and maintain a consistently high Net Promoter Score.

Reputation Summary

Blaze Pizza's primary competition is itself, and they continue to use Birdeye to listen to feedback daily, honing in on locations and striving for excellence in all categories.

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