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Company Spotlight: Illinois Retina Associates

  • Leaders in Midwest Retina Care Since 1976
  • 12 Locations, 11 Dedicated Healthcare Providers
  • Committed to Unmatched Eye Care Excellence

Partnered with Bizz Buzz Marketing in May 2018

Key Services Leveraged: Listings, Reviews, Inbox


In today's digital age, reviews have become the modern-day word of mouth. They hold tremendous sway over prospective patients when selecting an eye care center. In an industry where referrals play a pivotal role in patient intake, maintaining a consistent flow of patient feedback is crucial. People place immense trust in the experiences of past patients. Therefore, a single negative review can steer a prospective patient away.

Recognizing this, Illinois Retina Associates, a pioneer in eye care, understood the significance of building a robust online reputation to outshine competitors and showcase their patients' experiences. Their journey towards achieving this reputation began when they were introduced to Bizz Buzz Marketing. This partnership allowed them to elevate brand awareness, amplify reviews both at a location and physician level, and streamline their communication efforts.

The Path to Success:

With 12 locations and 11 dedicated healthcare providers, Illinois Retina Associates faced the challenge of efficiently generating, monitoring, and managing reviews. They strategically initiated a review request process, reaching out to patients at the end of each day to request their feedback.

Recognizing the diversity in patient communication preferences, they deployed a dual approach, sending review requests via text and email. For patients who did not initially leave a review, a gentle reminder was thoughtfully sent to encourage their valuable input.

Simplified Review Management:

With a multitude of reviews pouring in, Bizz Buzz Marketing played a pivotal role in streamlining the management and monitoring of these reviews. Illinois Retina Associates embraced technology to gain a comprehensive view of patient experiences. They set up SMS and email notifications to receive alerts whenever online feedback was posted. This proactive approach enabled them to respond promptly and effectively to patient feedback. Leveraging response templates, they efficiently addressed reviews, enhancing patient engagement.

Remarkable Results

Since collaborating with Bizz Buzz Marketing, Illinois Retina Associates has witnessed a remarkable transformation in their online presence:

  • A phenomenal 16,656% surge in reviews across all platforms
  • A staggering 10,200% increase in Healthgrades reviews
  • An astounding 36,250% rise in Google reviews
  • A substantial 607.5% boost in direct website visits
  • An impressive 765% increase in incoming calls
  • A remarkable 630.5% surge in Google searches
  • Over 283.6k local searches for the practice name

In partnership with Bizz Buzz Marketing, Illinois Retina Associates has not only achieved unprecedented growth but has also forged stronger connections with their patients. Their journey underscores the immense benefits that healthcare providers can reap by harnessing the power of Bizz Buzz Marketing's services.

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