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Company Spotlight: David’s Bridal 

  • Name: David’s Bridal
  • Locations: 300+
  • Birdeye Customer Since: September 2016
  • Products Used: Listings, Reviews, Surveys, Ticketing, Insights, Managed Services

David’s Bridal, a prominent figure in the bridal industry for over 70 years, operates more than 300 stores in the US, Canada, Mexico, and the UK. Known for serving one in three brides in the United States, David’s Bridal is dedicated to offering magical experiences to brides and their families. In their pursuit of relevance and innovation, they prioritize providing a modern, digital, and exceptional experience to today's modern bride.

Challenges Faced

While David’s Bridal was known for providing exceptional experiences, they recognized the need for a more comprehensive and automated feedback system. They were receiving feedback from only a small subset of customers, which did not accurately represent their overall customer base. To enhance their brand and customer experience, they needed a solution that could automate feedback collection and provide actionable insights.


  1. Streamline and manage local listings for hundreds of locations.
  2. Automate customer feedback collection.
  3. Supercharge the brand's reputation.
  4. Gain actionable insights to drive brand growth.
  5. Enhance accountability and data-driven decision-making.

The Solution

David’s Bridal chose Birdeye as their experience marketing platform to address these challenges and achieve their goals:

Accurate Listings Management: With hundreds of locations, David’s Bridal needed a streamlined way to manage their local listings. Birdeye enables them to instantly update location-specific information and engaging content, ensuring prospects find accurate and up-to-date information.

Automated Feedback Collection: Birdeye's platform automates the collection, management, and response to customer reviews from all sites. This has led to a significant increase in review volume and star ratings.

Actionable Insights: Birdeye Insights allows David’s Bridal to drill down into various levels of feedback to identify trends and areas for improvement. This data-driven approach helps them understand both positive and negative trends and take action accordingly.

Ticketing System: David’s Bridal uses Birdeye's ticketing system to escalate and resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently. This process helps improve the customer experience and eliminate friction points.

Managed Services: Birdeye's managed services ensure all customer reviews are responded to promptly, allowing David’s Bridal to focus on customer solutions.


  • A 294.62% increase in review volume in the first 12 months.
  • An overall increase in star ratings from 4.0 to 4.6 stars across locations.
  • A 78% increase in social NPS score, leading to an industry-leading NPS of 73.
  • Enhanced insights into customer feedback, allowing for data-driven decision-making.
  • Swift resolution of customer issues, helping to restore customer faith in the brand.

The Birdeye Difference

David’s Bridal found in Birdeye a partner that understands their unique needs and provides innovative tools to drive change across all locations. With Birdeye's technology and collaborative team, David’s Bridal has been able to provide exceptional customer experiences, enhance their brand reputation, and stay ahead of the competition.

"Birdeye has been able to help us provide exceptional customer experiences with their innovative technology. They dominate the customer journey. Birdeye was able to bring the entire package together for our brand. They were able to know our needs and requirements and educate us on what is coming next so we could plan as an organization to get to where we want to be." - Holly Carroll, Vice President, Customer Service & Contact Center Operations at David's Bridal

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