Health Care Professional Services Local Business SEO BUZZ PACKAGE

Health Care Professional Services Local Business SEO BUZZ PACKAGE

Health Care Professional Services Local Business SEO BUZZ PACKAGE
$389.00 per month

Today's healthcare consumers have more access to information about medical professionals then ever before. Consider this fact: Nearly 5% of all Google searches focus on health topics. With estimates of Google searches at 3.5 billion a day, that means people are conducting at least 175 million health-related searches daily. This unprecedented information access has brought about a critical shift in how people source healthcare providers. Instead of visiting a nearby local office, patients can conduct online research and seek out the best -fit practitioner. For that reason, you want to make sure that your practice stands out online to attract more patients and grow your business. Hive systems will allow you to increase your visibility manage your reputation and make it easy for your satisfied patients to leave a great review.

Perfect for:

* Medical Centers

* Dental Office

* Pain Management

* Sports Rehabilitation Centers

* Chiropractor Office

* Medical Imaging Services

* Orthodontist

* Podiatrist

* Optometrists

* Drug Rehabilitation

Your Buzz Package Features

* GMB optimization

* GMB, WebMD and Vitals Reputation Management

* Dashboard

* 25 citations

* Access to our powerful Social Marketing posting software. Build your audience by sharing engaging and relevant content, preschedule your content in advance and see what your followers are saying across all your networks. (Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google My Business)

* Data Aggregator

* 2 blog post a month

* Monthly Report

* 1 Hive Tablet

* 2 Review Pods and Database

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