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Waterstone Mortgage's Customer Experience Revolution

Company Spotlight: Waterstone Mortgage's

  • Locations: 56
  • Loan Originators: 212
  • Birdeye Customer Since: September 2018
  • Products Used: Reviews, Surveys, Benchmarking, Insights

Waterstone Mortgage, a residential mortgage lender operating in 48 states, has been helping people achieve homeownership dreams since 2019, with locations in 21 states and approximately 650 employees. They have always placed an exceptional customer experience at the forefront of their business. However, they faced challenges in managing the online reputations of their individual branches and loan originators efficiently.

Challenges Faced

Before partnering with Birdeye, Waterstone Mortgage relied on paper surveys included in the closing packages to gather feedback. This approach proved ineffective as it suffered from low response rates and time delays, resulting in a loss of referrals. They needed a more efficient and effective way to collect feedback, manage reputation, and gain insights into the customer experience.


  1. Efficiently collect feedback from customers.
  2. Build and manage the online reputation of individual loan originators.
  3. Automate the review process to encourage more reviews.
  4. Gain insights from customer feedback to enhance their services.

The Birdeye Solution

Waterstone Mortgage turned to Birdeye to address these challenges and achieve their goals:

Automated Review Process: Birdeye's platform automated the process of building and managing the online reputation of each loan originator. Each originator now has their own SEO-enhanced profile, and their reviews are highlighted on the Waterstone Mortgage website using Birdeye's API. The integration with Encompass allows Waterstone Mortgage to automatically drive reviews to each loan originator's Google, Facebook, and Zillow pages, ensuring prospects always see a strong reputation.

Feedback Surveys: Birdeye's Encompass integration also enabled Waterstone Mortgage to automatically send customized surveys 24 hours after a loan is funded, resulting in an impressive 39% average survey response rate. Instant feedback benefits both loan originators and branch managers, helping them understand and address customer concerns promptly.

Actionable Insights: Waterstone Mortgage now has a centralized repository for customer feedback, making it easier to gain insights and take action. Customized reporting by loan originator and branch, competitive rankings, and benchmarking data help them make informed decisions to enhance the customer experience.


The results of Waterstone Mortgage's partnership with Birdeye have been remarkable:

  • A 380% increase in the number of reviews loan officers receive in one year.
  • A 338% increase in reviews and an increased rating since implementing Birdeye.
  • Enhanced search engine ranking and increased trust among potential homebuyers through automated review posts on social media.
  • Improved internal processes, better online reputation management, and enhanced customer experiences.

The Birdeye Difference

Waterstone Mortgage emphasizes the importance of working with a partner who understands the unique needs, systems, and integrations of the mortgage industry. They chose Birdeye as their trusted platform, knowing it would provide the tools and data necessary to stay competitive and meet their company goals.

By automating the review request process, Waterstone Mortgage has not only increased their online presence and visibility but also generated more referral business. They now focus on delivering exceptional experiences, knowing that customer feedback ensures future customers have a similarly outstanding journey.

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