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Unlocking Solar Excellence with Birdeye: Reviews, Messaging, and Surveys

Company Spotlight: ION Solar

  • Locations: 8
  • Birdeye Customer Since: July 2021
  • Products Used: Reviews, Webchat, Inbox, Surveys

ION Solar, a premium solar provider, shines bright with a presence across 8 locations in the United States. Committed to revolutionizing the world through the power of solar energy, ION Solar is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer experiences. Their mission is to educate communities on the benefits of solar power while seamlessly handling solar installations from start to finish. By offering cost savings and a stress-free solar experience, ION Solar empowers customers to harness the sun's energy sustainably.

We found that 95% of our customers prefer a text message over a phone call. It’s very important to our customers to receive updates through a text message, and with our Ai driven text message sofware we can communicate with our customers using their preferred method." — Brennan Vasic, Director of Customer Experience, ION Solar

Enhancing Customer Engagement and Reputation Management

Background ION Solar places significant emphasis on customer feedback and communication through preferred channels. Recognizing the importance of generating reviews, conducting surveys, and creating an omnichannel environment, they sought support to elevate their online presence and reputation.

Automating Reviews and Feedback our software streamlined the process of generating and responding to reviews for ION Solar. With a unified dashboard and customizable templates, they automated review requests, identifying optimal times to solicit feedback via SMS and email. The result? Over 1,700 new reviews across third-party sites.

In 9 months , ION Solar experienced:

  • 1,779 new reviews across all sources
  • 47.7% increase in Google search visibility
  • 44.3% increase in incoming calls
  • 2,888 new messages via Webchat
  • 6,177 active conversations in Inbox

Expanding Customer Engagement Channels ION Solar transformed lead generation by embracing AI-powered Webchat, capturing mobile numbers, and nurturing conversations. Webchat led to 1,528 active conversations. ION Solar also adopted Birdeye Messaging, simplifying business management through text-based communication. Birdeye Inbox enabled ION Solar to connect, track, and respond to customers across various channels efficiently.

Harnessing Surveys for Customer Experience Enhancement ION Solar further elevated customer experience by implementing customized surveys. These surveys analyzed customer sentiment across three stages of their journey: initial consultation, installation, and follow-up. This strategic approach resulted in 667 survey responses, enhancing customer satisfaction and fostering growth.

ION Solar has not only amplified their online presence but also solidified their commitment to delivering exceptional solar solutions and outstanding customer experiences.

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