Top 7 Small Business Local SEO Tips  2022

Top 7 Small Business Local SEO Tips 2022

Top 7 Small Business Local SEO Tips  2022

1.Google My Business Profile is the #1 ranking factor for gaining a spot on the local snack pack. Considering that 56% of business owners haven’t claimed their GMB listing, claiming and updating yours will significantly boost your business.

2. Businesses keywords. Using the right keywords when describing your business and services it provides is key to attract the right clients.

3. NAP citations.

Building NAP citations helps you rank on Google’s local snack pack results and local organic search results.

But one element makes this happen NAP consistency. Having a consistent NAP citation across the internet helps search engines like Google to confirm that you are a reputable business. This is why I mentioned that you kept the following handy when we discussed Google My Business:

  • Your business nameYour business phone numberYour business websiteYour business addressYour business email
  • Your business phone number
  • Your business website
  • Your business address
  • Your business email

NAP citations are the best way to boost your rankings in search engines.

Numerous searches every day for products and services across different industries yield one common trend - people want information about businesses they can trust, so it's important that you're able provide this! Your company’s NAP page gives them all of these things; there is no better marketing tool available than being found through Google when customers seek answers on their own accord.

Point blank the more quality citations you have the higher you will rank. The higher you rank the more business you get. Its that simple.   

4. Reputation Management is all about what a customer sees once they have found your business.

Reviews Reviews Reviews. The quality an quantity of reviews on Google is one of the most important ranking tools.

When a potential customer scans the search results for local products and services the #1 piece of information that they are looking for are reviews.


Business A has 100 reviews and a average review score of 4.8 is always going to rank higher then business B with 20 reviews and average of 3.9.

Put yourself in the customers shoes, who would you call first?

5. Website On Page SEO

Yes you still need a website and yes the quality of the sites optimizations also affect your local search ranking.

  • Using short URLs
  • Adding your primary keyword to your URL
  • Placing your primary keyword in your title tag
  • Using your primary keyword in your meta description
  • Using your primary keyword (including variations) in a page/post.

6. Using Blogs to build Local backlinks.

Writing local blogs that are full of valuable real world information pertaining to the goods and services that link back to your website is a most. The more frequent the better.

7. Make your website mobile friendly. 50% of all organic searches start on a mobile device. This means make sure you site loads quickly.

In 2020, Google implemented mobile-first indexing. What does this imply for your local business? Simply put, this means Google will use the experience of mobile users to rank your website on all devices. And the reason for the mobile-first approach makes sense.

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