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Google Business Search and Map Optimization

(46%) of the 5.6 billion searches daily on Google consist of users seeking local information about goods and services., most of which come from Apple and Android smartphones live in real time and since 34% of clinks got to the business in the #1 position and only 2.6% to the #10 position you can clearly see why ranking at the top is vital.  

Each time Google recognizes a local search it quickly considers the following very important criteria such as search intent, number of accurate and verifiable citations, website quality, backlinks, reviews, keywords, blogs, social media presence etc.

Bizz Buzz Marketing is a digital marketing agency that specializes in Local SEO which is designed with traditional brick and mortar businesses that serve their customers from a physical location or deliver products and services to customers in a specific area or region.

Local SEO or “local search engine optimization” involves all processes that improve the organic search visibility of your business constantly improving your reputation, ranking and growing the size of digital footprint ultimately dominating your industry and area. 

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